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Meet UV Pure’s People! Sandro Pecile: Director of Product Engineering

Posted by UV Pure Today on 3/27/2013 to Company News
Sandro Pecile has been at UV Pure almost since the beginning. Joining the company in 2000, Sandro worked alongside founder Ron Hallett to help design and patent what we know today as Crossfire® Technology.
As Sandro explains it, “We applied this technology to Point of Entry units and UV Pure became one of the first UV systems to pass the NSF/ANSI 55 Class A certifications in 2001."
"The next major milestone was certifying the Hallett 30 in 2003 which is one of the largest certified systems in the world.”
An Honors graduate with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto, Sandro has always employed a “hands-on” design approach. He says that seeing challenges first-hand is a big help in improving the manufacturing and the serviceability of UV Pure products.
In his spare time, Sandro coaches his son’s ice hockey team at Amesbury/Bert Robertson. He is also an active member of his neighborhood church. As a Building Committee volunteer, Sandro has been deeply involved with the parish church’s recent renovation program. In support of this. he’s organized various fundraising events like the rock concert he promoted last December. When Sandro just wants to kick back and relax you’ll find him outdoors, cycling or hiking, probably next to his favorite fishing spot.
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Meet UV Pure’s People! Sandro Pecile: Director of Product Engineering
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